Initial Meeting

This is where we find out everything we can about you, your family, your finances, and your goals and dreams. A plan is only as good as the quality of data that goes into it, so it is imperative that we gather as much information as possible. For this meeting you should bring all your financial account statements (banking, investing, etc), information on all your debts, information on your benefits through work, your pay stub, information on all insurances that you have, estate planning documents such as a will or trust, and start to formulate an idea of your dreams and goals for the future.

Analysis & Strategy Development

This is an In-depth look that we perform on the moving pieces of your financial life. If there are areas that need to be fixed we tweak existing or create new mechanisms to get your plan to a place where it is ready to move forward. We then design strategies that are developed specifically to meet your short and long term goals and then order them in an action plan.

Financial Plan

This is a layout of your exact financial standing on the day that the plan is built and a comprehensive detailed road map on how to achieve the financial goals that you set forth in the strategy stage. Also included is an action plan that delineates exact steps to be taken to achieve your goals.

Implementation of Action Plan

This is where we discuss how to put into work the recommendations to meet your goals and dreams, and also who is responsible for this implementation. Things such as investment management are our responsibility as the asset manager, but things such as paying down a credit card or finalizing a will are in your court. As part of being your advisor you are giving us your permission to hold you accountable. It is by holding you accountable to your goals and dreams that you will actually achieve them.

Monitor & Review

This is the continuous process that we undertake to meet with you to insure that your plan is in working order and in place. In the initial stages we meet multiple times over the first few months, but once your plan is in place we let you decide on whether you want quarterly or yearly meetings to review. We advise that at any point that you have a life event (changing jobs, opening a business, having a child etc) that you come in so we can update your plan. It is important to note that if you don’t hear from us constantly this does not mean you are not constantly on our mind. We as a team monitor our assets under management daily, and if any changes need to be made before our scheduled meeting we will contact you.

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