- Custom designed plans from multiple plan types to fit your company's needs for tax deferral, investment selection, and employee retention

- Partnered with the largest investment manager of qualified funds in the world, SEI, for asset management

- High touch service with your employees so that they understand their options

- Develop a written succession plan to ensure a proper, fluid transition

- Develop a key man plan and compensation of those key employees

- Proper funding of buy/sell documents and key man plans

- Partnered with Gallagher Health benefits, one of the world’s largest benefit brokers

- Consultation on proper plan structure, compliance, and cost

- Healthcare analytics and self-insured plan structures

- Development of a wellness plan

- Partnered with Gallagher Insurance, one of the world’s largest commercial insurance brokers

- In-depth review of your company’s operations to understand areas of risk

- Formulation of a insurance plan so that your risks are covered, and that you are not over or under insured

- Independent broker so that the right carrier is selected on coverage and cost effectiveness,
not personal affiliations.

- Partnered with multiple global investment banks to provide top shelf expertise in both acquiring and selling companies in multiple industries for our clients.

- Through these partnerships we have expertise in handling all strategic transaction types including acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, restructures, fairness opinions and valuations. We also have expertise in joint ventures, public market separations and going-private transactions.

- Partnerships with the top legal groups in the area and nationwide in business, tax,
and securities areas of legal practice.

- Initial consultation on your needs and then proper referral and management of interaction

- Consultation on tax reduction methods from an investment and insurance view point in your business

- Partnership with your CPA to provide a unified team approach to your business tax plan

- Working relationship with KPMG in the areas of international, corporate, and M&A tax

"Investment Advisory services and Securities offered through NWA Financial Partners Registered Investment Advisor"